Marine Collagen Beauty

Marine Collagen Beauty

Marine Collagen Beauty consists of orally-use ceramide, which can moisturize skin and improve the quality. It is an effective barrier to protect the skin from external stimulants.**Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.

Price : HK$ 528.00

  • 1Box:$528.00
  • 10% for 2 :$950.00
  • Buy 4 Free 1 :$2112.00
  • Buy 10 Free 3 :$5280.00
  • Buy 15 Free 5 :$7920.00
  • Buy 20 Free 7 :$10560.00

Effective and natural skin care ingredients

Grape Seed Extract contain OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) is a strong anti-oxidizing agent, whose anti-oxidizing power is 50 times stronger than vitamin E, and its skin-whitening effect is 20 times higher than vitamin C, this can facilitate the repair of the skin cells, improve the imbalance of the skin color, and maintain a healthy and whitey skin with no fear of ultra-violet.

Recommended Dosage

Take 1 or 2 sachets 2 times per day with a glass of water
** Do not chew the tablets


A natural extract from rice bran, it is the first oral-use skincare formula in Hong Kong. It gives whitening and moisture-binding effects that is higher than external use skincare products. It is the major constituent (makes up about 40 – 60%) of the of skin lipids on the outer layer. It plays an important role in human skin protection, it protects skin through anti-oxidant action and slows down the decline of collagen. Due to various factors, ceramide declines along the aging and has to be supplemented from time to time.

Shark Cartilage Chondroitin

An essential lubricating element in human cells, hair, nail and cartilage. It rejuvenates skin from inside out; makes the skin more hydrated and increases the elasticity. It improves the skin complexion, makes the texture smooth, appear youthful and flawless. It also strengthens bone structure and prevents the loss of hair and broken nail.

Pollen Extract

Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It contains powerful anti-oxidant enzyme, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), which can effectively eliminate free radicals out of body. It can restore normal function of the liver and helps to WHITEN SKIN, lighten freckles, dark spots and uneven complexion of the skin.

Marine Collagen

It is extracted from white fish in deep sea, which is water-soluble and can be easily absorbed by human body. It improves skin structure making the skin firmer, therefore increases moisture-binding capacity and reduces wrinkles.

Grape Seed Extract

It contains Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC) which helps to protect human cells from harmful oxidation. OPC protects skin cell to against ultra-violet rays, inhibits pigment formation and speeds up skin regeneration.

Recent scientific studies have proven that the anti-oxidant effect and the whitening effect are more powerful than Vitamin E and Vitamin C. OPC is a powerful SKIN WHITENING agent with sun block effect.


Rich in vitamin C which is a powerful anti-oxidant that removes free radicals, strengthens cell regeneration and whitens the skin.


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