TV Queen: Sheren Tang

Meiriki-Japan Joint Easy is good for health of joints. Before taking the advertisement, I must try the products by myself to confirm its good functions.

After I became the spokesman of Meiriki-Japan Joint Easy, I knew much more knowledge about the healthcare of the joints and skeleton. I can feel the effective functions of pain relieving and repairs of the Joint Easy. Someone asked me whether this product is good, I strongly believe from heart that Meiriki-Japan Joint Easy is the only choice of health supplement of joints.


Famous master of ceremonies: Patrick Dunn
I became the spokesman of Meiriki-Japan for 13 years. After comparing with other health supplement of eye in the market, finally I chose Meiriki-Japan Bilberry Extract. Besides having good quality and branding, the most attracting point is its excellent ingredients: VMA, Lutein and DHA, this provides me complete protection and maintenance of my eyes. And also, Meiriki-Japan Platinum DHA70 is the my best partner to take care of my brain.


Famous stock analyst: Agnes Wu
I am very busy at work, very stressful, which lower sleep quality. After consuming Sweden LeverRen product, it relieves the burden of my liver, my breath is better, and my skin is shinier than before. Sweden LeverRen always maintain my body at the best condition, I strongly recommend Sweden LeverRen.


Child Actor: Jacky
I began to consume Meiriki-Japan Platinum DHA70 and Bilberry Extract since I was in primary school, as it is difficult to handle both academy and being an actor. I have a better memory and learning ability after taking the Meiriki-Japan Platinum DHA70. Also the Meiriki-Japan Bilberry Extract allows me to have better protection and development of eyes.


Meiriki Star: Damon
It is glad to be a spokesman of Meiriki-Japan, my mum said it is important for me to have good memory, learning ability and shiny eyes to be the spokesman of Meiriki-Japan. I began to consume Meiriki-Japan Platinum DHA70 before I was born.


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