Joint Easy

Joint Easy

The end of the hard bone is covered by cartilage, which is act as the shock absorber. While the synovial fluid in the joint acts as the lubricant of the joint, and protect the cartilage. We need to well-protection of our joints before they damage and injury, so that we can have smooth joint movement during our daily life.

Price : HK$ 448.00

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  • 10% off for 2 :$806.00
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Joint Easy was awarded

  • Wastons 2009 Health and Beauty Awards – The New Joint Health Product
  • Wastons 2010 to 2012 Health and Beauty Awards – The Best Selling Joint Health Product.

Relieves joint pain in seven days1

According to a clinical research, which involves 87 people who aged from 30 to 75 in the experiment, it shows that krills oil can relieve pain, stiffness, reduces functional impairment, and enhance the movement mobility within just seven days.

*The effect varies by individual physique

This product may help to cope with the following Long Covid symptoms:

  • joint pain

Recommended dosage:

  • For adults: take 2 – 3 capsules per day after meal.
  • For long term problem sufferer, take 2 – 3 capsules twice a day after meal.

Content: 300mg x 60 capsules

Krill Oil

Meiriki – Joint Easy has used a technology – The “Cold Extraction” method to obtain high quality marine oil from Krill. The Krill Oil is extracted from shrimp-like crustacean in Antarctic Ocean. It is rich in omega-3 functionalised with phospholipids and potent antioxidants, including “Astaxanthin” and “Flavonoid”. Its antioxidant capability is greater than Vitamins A , E and omega-3.


Chondroitin stimulates cartilage and joint lubricant production. It can slow down cartilage breakdown. It can facilities the manufacture of collagen and proteoglycans necessary for the repair of cartilage and re-supply of synovial fluid for lubrication and nourishment.

Collagen Peptide (Type II)

It is a vital element that promotes new cartilage and proteoglycan synthesis, facilitates free movement and intense soreness and stiffness. In addition, it enhances production of Hyaluronic acid and protects cartilage from free radical damage. It has protective effects on the joints.

Hyaluronic Acid

It is a valuable ingredient which costs around few thousand dollars for external injection. It is essential for the health of synovial fluid which supports the joints. The oral use of Hyaluronic acid helps collagen absorption and retains the lubricant between cartilages. The synthesis of Hyaluronic acid provides cushioning in the joints and carry nutrients to nourish and replenish cartilage.

Rosehip Powder

It facilitates absorption of calcium. Danish scientists stated that Rosehip powder is very effective in reducing joint pain in their study. The study also showed that Rosehip powder to be 40% more efficient in relieving joints symptom than glucosamine.3

Shellfish Calcium

It can be easily absorbed. It can reduce bone density loss and maintain bone and teeth health. It can also ensure normal muscle and nerve function.


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