Lever Försvar

Lever Försvar

Contains four natural ingredients, including milk thistle, artichoke, yeast and grape seed extract, which greatly enhance the detoxification ability of the liver, promote liver cell regeneration, bile secretion, fat decomposition, and prevent fat accumulating in the liver. Lever Försvar increases the antioxidant capacity of the body, and further enhances skin whitening and anti-yellowing effect. The formula is specially designed for people who smoke and drink excessively, have busy lifestyles, stay up late frequently, and take medication for long periods of time.

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Natural and effective liver protection product
Clear liver fat, detoxify and nourish the liver

Combining traditional wisdom with scientific research to clear liver toxins
The liver is an important detoxification organ. In daily life, we are exposed to different toxins, which continuously damage liver health, impair the body's detoxification function, and form a vicious cycle, causing more toxins to accumulate in the body. In severe cases, it will affect other organs and cause greater damage to the body.

Active ingredient

Milk thistle extract (standardized 80% silymarin), artichoke extract (standardized 10% cynarin), grape seed extract (standardized 95% proanthocyanidins), yeast extract


● Detoxify and purify the liver, prevent accumulation of toxins
● Promote liver cell regeneration and repair the liver
● Enhance the function of alcohol detoxification, reduce hangovers
● Reduce fat accumulation in the liver
● Improve non-alcoholic fatty liver
● Improve liver health indicators
● Promote fat and sugar metabolism
● Promote bile secretion and fat decomposition
● Strong antioxidant properties
● Whiten skin, lighten dark spots, and possess anti-yellowing effect
● Relieve dry eyes and improve blurry vision
● Increase energy and reduce fatigue

Suitable for people who:

● Have poor liver function, weakness, and loss of appetite

● Have imbalanced San Yang in Chinese medicine

● Smoke or drink alcohol frequently

● People with dull skin complexion, yellowish eyes, freckles, and hair loss

● Are on long term medication

● Work night shift or suffer from a lack of sleep

Authoritive Quality Assurances: Natural, safe and high-quality

● Produced by pharmaceutical grade GMP factory, which ensure that the products are manufactured in accordance with EU and World Health Organization regulations.

● The manufacturer in Sweden is awarded by Swedish National Food Administration that Lever F?rsvar is produced under high quality control.

● Bureau Veritas Quality International authorizes that production of Lever F?rsvar is

under ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

● Identify the origin of the product. The first three digits of the computer barcode for original Swedish products are "730-739".

Recommended Dosage:

General: 1-2 tablets daily

People in special need of liver protection: 2 tablets twice daily

Reduce hangover: 2-3 tablets before and after alcohol drinking

Milk thistle extract - standardized 80% silymarin

Contains an ingredient that gives strong protection towards the liver – silymarin. It can detoxify, relieve hangover, maintain antioxidant properties and other effects at the same time. It reduces liver damage caused by alcohol, drugs, free radicals and toxins in the environment and food, effectively protects the liver, improves liver function. Milk thistle can promote liver cell regeneration, repair damaged liver cells, and accelerate liver recovery. Studies have shown that taking milk thistle before and after drinking alcohol can increase the content of glutathione (GSH) in the liver, which can improve alcohol detoxification, reduce alcohol toxicity, discomfort and hangover after drinking.


Artichoke extract - standardized 10% cynarin


Contains potent ingredients cynarin and chlorogenic acid, which can effectively reduce the levels of bad fatty acids and triglycerides in the body, promote bile secretion, enhance fat digestion and metabolism, reduce liver fat accumulation, effectively improve non-alcoholic liver obesity, and relieve abdominal bloating, stomach discomfort, loss of appetite and other problems caused by poor fat digestion. Milk thistle can also improve liver health indicators and restore liver health.


Grape seed extract - standardized 95% proanthocyanidins


Contains proanthocyanidins (OPC) with very strong antioxidant effects. Studies have confirmed that grape seed extract has higher antioxidant and whitening effects than vitamin E and vitamin C and can efficiently remove free radicals and harmful substances. In addition, often staying up late not only damages liver health but also damages the health of the eyes. Grape seed extract can promote eyes blood circulation, relieve dry eyes and improve blurred vision.


Yeast extract - rich in glutathione (GSH) and vitamin B


Yeast extract provides the liver with essential nutrients: Glutathione supports the entire antioxidant system of the liver, effectively removes free radicals, and improves liver detoxification, hangover and skin whitening effects. Vitamin B promotes the metabolism and conversion of fat and sugar into energy, enhances mental vitality, and improves fatigue and lack of energy. Alcohol can affect the absorption of vitamin B. Lever F?rsvar contains rich vitamin B1, 2, 3, 6, and 12, which helps prevent vitamin B deficiency caused by long-term drinking.


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