Squalene 100

Squalene 100

Squalene 100 is a natural unsaturated carbohydrate squalene, extracted from the liver of Abyssal Shark, which survive at undersea 1,000m area, under a low temperature, low light and low oxygen level. Squalene 100 is extracted under a fresh status by using advanced technology and has a very high concentration of 99.9%.

Price : HK$ 630.00

  • 1Box:$630.00
  • buy 2 get 1 free :$1260.00


C30H50 Squalene + 6H2O Water in the body = C30H62 Squalane + 3O2 Oxygen
Cellular respiration = Oxygen content decrease (The respiration of 60 trillion cells in the body)

The squalene can react with water in body and release oxygen to the cells. If there is insufficient oxygen supply in the cells, the pH balance in body will be affected, causing weakening of immune system. The recovery of squalene to body can balance the pH and metabolism of body, and help to maintain health.

Recommended Dosage:

  • For adult, take 3-5 capsules per day
  • For children, take 1-2 capsules per day
  • For long term disease sufferer, take 3 capsules twice per day

This product may help to cope with the following Long Covid symptoms:

  • shortness of breath, fatigue

By using advanced technology, the squalene in Meiriki - Squalene 100 is extracted from the liver of Abyssal Shark. It is a saturated carbohydrate. Its purity is up to 99.9%. The content of PCB, mercury, heavy metals and other bacteria is up to the standard of Japanese Laboratory under the authorization of the Japanese Government to guarantee its superb quality and purity.


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