Memory Diamond

Memory Diamond

“Memory Diamond” is a ground-breaking product for preventing and improving cognitive problems. Plasmalogen is proven clinically effective in enhancing memory and cognitive functions and vitalizing brain cells. The uniquely formulated “Memory Diamond” developed from tradition and science presents a new hope to cognitive problems.

Price : HK$ 750.00

  • 1Box:$750.00
  • 2盒9折:$1350.00
  • 買4送1:$3000.00
  • 買10送3:$7500.00
  • 買15送5:$11250.00
  • 買20送7:$15000.00


Vitalize your brain. Reverse signs of brain degeneration.


Premium and essential nutrient for the brain

“Memory Diamond” contains plasmalogen derived exclusively from sea squirt. The molecular structure and components of plasmalogens obtained from this source are similar to plasmalogens in human brain cells. The lipophilic nature and small molecular size allow plasmalogens to be readily absorbed into the brain. Plasmalogen is clinically proven to be effective in preventing and alleviating symptoms of memory loss.

Plasmalogen level starts to decrease by the age of 30 and the loss of plasmalogen is believed to link with cognitive impairments. Plasmalogens are proven to delay decline of brain functions and improve learning, memory and concentration.

Major functions of “Memory Diamond”

  • Prevent and delay brain degeneration
  • Improve memory and cognitive functions
  • Reduce accumulation of amyloid plaques
  • Facilitate neurotransmission in the brain
  • Improve responsiveness and verbal expression
  • Promote self-care ability and improve quality of life
  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Reduce brain cell oxidation
  • Natural sleeping aid and improve sleeping quality
  • Support healthy cerebral blood circulation
  • Reduce the impact of cerebral vascular trauma
  • Improve mobility and muscle coordination

Dosage suggestions

For general health purpose: Take 2 softgels daily after meal

For people with special need: Take 2 softgels twice daily after meal

Package: 210 mg × 60 capsules


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