Environmental Protection

The Environmental Protection

Apart from minimizing the environmental impact due to the daily operation, Meiriki Japan has also actively participated in any environmental-friendly workshops. Not only have we practiced Corporate Social Responsibility, but also to advocate the Green concept to our customers, suppliers and society.

Meiriki Japan also add the Green element in product development. Our new product, LiverRen, was launched with whole environmental-friendly packing. “Outer Box Recycling” scheme, the very first scheme in industry, has been carried out. This scheme could enable us to minimize the extra printing of display outer boxes, carbon emission and waste production. The result was encouraging!

In order to put Green Concept into practice, Meiriki Japan increase Green awareness among our customer by organizing different members’ activities, free workshop and health talk, such as “Low-Carbon Snowy Mooncake workshop”, “Vegetarian Health Talk”, “Natural Anti Bug Cream” etc. Our members were invited to join eco tours, such as Hong Kong Wet Land Park, providing them a chance to get closer to nature.

During the merchandising process, Meiriki-Japan not just concerns the quality and the cost, but also takes environmental factors into account. We select durable, reusable and recyclable products for our staff.

Using goods and materials in effective ways:

Encourage the use or manufacture of packaging materials with minimal or reusable packaging materials products Merchandise products with a high composition of reusable materials Encourage materials recycling In the rationale of Green Merchandising, we select environmental-friendly raw materials. We use renewable materials and make use of disposed materials in order to do less harm to the environment.

As a Silver Member of World Wide Fund, Meiriki Japan grasps every opportunities to promote low-carbon living style, for example, we follow Sustainable Seafood Guide in more than 30 banquets every year, minimizing the adverse impact to ocean. Food residue will be collected and send it to The Leftovers or Food Banks, helping people in need.

Since the effort put on environmental aspect, Copper Award – Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence – Retail Industry was given by HK Government- Family Council.


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