Professional Health Team

Believing prevention is better than cure, Meiriki-Japan strives to provide a comprehensive service for physical and mental health, by building the first professional team consisting of a registered pharmacist & nutritionists in Hong Kong.

● Free pharmacist & nutritionist hotline
● Resident body check & consultation in Watsons
● Personal health and diet record
● Regular follow-up of customer health situation
● Organize health talks and workshops
● Community health check service and nutrition consultation
● Health information update

Pharmacists and nutritionists hotline: (852) 27136061

Chloe Leung

Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Dietitian Association of Australia
Master of Dietetics, Monash University
Bachelor of Science (Nutritional Sciences and Human Biology), University of Toronto
Low FODMAP certificate, Monash University (Monash University)

● Work as a dietitian at Meiriki Japan, provides nutrition counseling and medical therapy
● Completed the "Low FODMAP diet" course by Monash University, providing personalized diet and lifestyle strategies for patients with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)
● Provided health talks for organizations on healthy eating in relation to COVID-19
● Completed clinical placement at Peter James Centre of Melbourne and provided medical nutrition therapy for patients with malnutrition, dysphagia, chronic kidney disease, diabetes and stroke etc.
● Completed foodservice placement at Angliss Hospital of Melbourne and conducted meal audit and banding analysis to ensure a high standard of patient’s meal quality
● Conducted online dietitian consultations for clients who need nutritional advice on weight loss, high blood pressures, diabetes and gastrointestinal issues

Chloe So

Graduated from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, majoring in Food Science and Nutrition. She experienced at Nutrition department in private hospital, and work as a professional Nutritionist at Meiriki in present. She is adept at multiple nutritional consultations in order to meet your needs. As she well understands the importance of healthy diet, who promote healthy eating from various channel, such as various seminar and healthy checkup. She also edit on different newspaper and being interview from the multimedia.

Ray Fong

Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food and Nutritional Science. He currently works as a senior nutritionist and assistant product manager in Meiriki Japan. He is dedicated to product development and promotion. He developed a specific formulation to target different health problems by using his nutritional knowledge and understanding of different nutritional ingredients. He was invited to different overseas academic exchange, where he shared nutrition knowledge and success stories with specialists from over 20 countries. He then applied what he learned to improve our professionalism and product’s quality. He held seminars at various locations, such as the Hong Kong Central Public Library and Hong Kong Science Museum. He regularly writes featured articles in major newspapers such as " Hong Kong Economic Times", "Oriental Daily" and "AM730" to provide public education on healthy dieting and disease prevention.

Karen Mo

Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majoring in nutrition and healthy ageing. She currently works as a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan. She advocates the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits by raising public awareness. She mainly uses her nutrition knowledge from helping the elderly, who are members of the Institute of Active Ageing, to establish a healthy eating lifestyle and raise the awareness of nutrition knowledge, such as osteoporosis prevention methods, nutrition labelling information and healthy cooking methods, through nutrition consultation and dietary advice. Besides, Karen worked at BGCA to assist in organizing a health talk for parents to improve preschoolers’ picky eating. Also, Karen regularly cooperates with the Caritas Social Centre to provide health talks to enhance public awareness of healthy eating habits.

Jenny Wong

Graduated from Liverpool John Moore University, majoring in Nutrition. She currently works as a nutritionist in Meiriki Japan. She aims to provide a friendly, satisfied and professional service to the customer. She has been following disease prevention and elderly nutrition's needs. The experience gained from the hospital and nursing homes help her to have a good understanding of chronic disease patients’ needs.

Katrina Fan

Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food and Nutritional Sciences. She currently works as a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan. With extensive knowledge and experience, she promotes healthy eating among populations. She worked as an intern in Cambodia, to promote food safety and nutrition and health for local citizens in rural villages by undergoing health-related survey anthropometric measurement. She also conducted a research focusing on food safety in a production plant. To provide a professional and satisfied customer service, she presents patiently, solves the problem at the root and creates a healthy lifestyle together.

Edna Tang

Graduated from the United Kingdom Ulster University, majoring in food and nutrition bachelor’s degree. Recently, she served as a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan and advocate her professional knowledge by providing customized nutritional support based on individual's body condition and dietary habits. She participated in the childhood obesity exhibition organized by CLP Group, focusing on propagating the impacts of childhood obesity on health, mental and chronic effects.

Cindy Cheung

Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food & Nutritional Science. She currently works as a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan. She aims to improve citizens’ health status and quality of life by providing personalized and high-quality health services. She worked in a large chain health food company, and she is experienced in providing health check, nutrition consultation and health talks. She also worked as an intern in Cambodia rural villages, to provide health services and to promote food safety and healthy diet. She cares about the needs of customers, and she hopes to give contribution to the society by promoting health culture.

Michael Liu

Graduated from The University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food & Nutritional Science, he is working as a nutritionist in Meiriki Japan currently. He has been working as a sport coach for people at all ages. Equipped with exquisite sport and nutritional knowledge, he is able to provide them with customised recommendation in food nutrition, e.g. improving their improper exercise gesture or common misunderstanding about food. He aims to promote the importance between sport and nutrition, encouraging the public to improve their health status through healthy food intake.

Liam Tung

Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food & Nutritional Science. He currently works as a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan. Liam aims to provide personalized and high-quality health services to citizens based on individual's health status and nutritional requirements. He advocates the raising public awareness of nutrition and healthy diet for all walk of life. He also provided nutrition consultation and anthropometric measurement in different community center for underprivileged population. He also helped conducted research on household food security in Hong Kong and efficiency of new digital diabetes prevention.


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