Professional Health Team

Believing prevention is better than cure, Meiriki-Japan strives to provide a comprehensive service for physical and mental health, by building the first professional team consisting of a registered pharmacist & nutritionists in Hong Kong.

● Free pharmacist & nutritionist hotline
● Resident body check & consultation in Watsons
● Personal health and diet record
● Regular follow-up of customer health situation
● Personalized physical examination, health and diet records
● Organize health talks and workshops
● Community health check service and nutrition consultation
● Health information update

Pharmacists and nutritionists hotline: (852) 27136061

Jasmine Tong

  • Registered Dietitian, Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)
  • Nutrition Ink Dietetic Internship Program
  • Bachelor of Science (Clinical Nutrition), University of California, Davis
  • National Registry of Food Safety Professionals

  • Work experience
  • Work as a dietitian at Meiriki Japan, provide nutrition counseling and medical therapy.
  • Completed the clinical placement at University of California Davis Health Center in the U.S., provided medical nutrition therapy for patients with diabetes, heart diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, chronic kidney disease, etc.
  • Completed community nutrition placement at La Clínica de La Raza and conducted nutrition consultation for children and pregnant women, including daily intake recommendations on nutrients.
  • Provided medical nutrition treatment for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome、Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.
  • Provided one on one nutrition consultation at the local private organization, recommended personalized diet and lifestyle strategies.
  • Provided nutrition assessment and intervention for the elderly with malnutrition, dysphagia, dementia, diabetes, stroke, etc.
  • Provided health talks for organizations on healthy eating and simple pathological mechanisms.
  • Chloe So

    Graduated from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, majoring in Food Science and Nutrition. She experienced at Nutrition department in private hospital, and work as a professional Nutritionist at Meiriki in present. She is adept at multiple nutritional consultations in order to meet your needs. As she well understands the importance of healthy diet, who promote healthy eating from various channel, such as various seminar and healthy checkup. She also edit on different newspaper and being interview from the multimedia.

    Ray Fong

    Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food and Nutritional Science. He currently works as a senior nutritionist and product manager in Meiriki Japan. He is dedicated to product development and promotion. He developed a specific formulation to target different health problems by using his nutritional knowledge and understanding of different nutritional ingredients. He was invited to different overseas academic exchange, where he shared nutrition knowledge and success stories with specialists from over 20 countries. He then applied what he learned to improve our professionalism and product’s quality. He held seminars at various locations, such as the Hong Kong Central Public Library and Hong Kong Science Museum. He regularly writes featured articles in major newspapers such as " Hong Kong Economic Times", "Oriental Daily" and "AM730" to provide public education on healthy dieting and disease prevention.

    Oscar Cheng

    Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majoring in nutrition and healthy ageing. He currently works as a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan. He advocates the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits by raising public awareness. He mainly uses his nutrition knowledge to provide nutritional and healthy eating advice for the elderly, who are members of the Institute of Active Ageing, in order to help them establish a healthy diet and raise the awareness of nutrition knowledge, such as nutrition labels and health supplement information. Besides, Oscar worked in Health in Action to assist in organizing a nutritional volunteer training programme to equip local housewives with nutrition knowledge for promoting healthy diet.

    Ruby Yuen

    Graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food and Nutritional Sciences. She works as a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan. Having extensive nutrition knowledge, she is passionate about promoting healthy eating patterns, with the aim of improving the standard of living and public health by overcoming common sub-health problems and combating nutrition misinformation. Additionally, she cares for the community and has assisted in the implementation of health needs assessment for elders and the underprivileged in several community centres. After identifying their nutritional and health needs, she has provided motivational interviews and set tailor-made health goals for the participants. By continuous follow-up and home visits, she has encouraged them to sustain healthy behavioral changes. She also has experience with holding health talks for children and elders, through a simple and interesting way to introduce various nutrition topics.

    Melody Fung

    Graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Natural Sciences (Food and Nutritional Sciences). Melody currently works as a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan. She aims at providing general public thoughtful nutritional services and dietary advice based on her professional knowledge. She is also passionate about understanding the nutritional needs among different age groups and assists in improving unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles. In addition, She participated in a market research about pre-packaged food products in local supermarkets to compare the nutritional content and to identify the healthy food choices for the public. She has also worked at the nutrition department in private hospital and assisted in organizing a seminar for hospital staff to increase their nutritional knowledge.

    Carina Liu

    Graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food and Nutritional Sciences. As a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan, she utilizes professional nutrition knowledge to deliver accurate health information to the public. She provides thoughtful nutritional services including body check, dietetic consultation and diet advice. She is also passionate about offering educational and nutritional activities to the public in an intriguing way such as cooking workshops or talks, cooperating with different organizations such as Gingko House Eldershop and BGCA. Hope to show more initiative contributing to society and raising the public's awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

    Stephanie Tsoi

    Graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food and Nutritional Sciences, currently works as a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan. She is passionate about advocating importance of health and nutrition and educates the public on common nutrition misconceptions and nutrition needs. In addition, she has joined different social services, such as cooperating with the Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service to provide nutritional consultation and body check and volunteering at Food Angel to prepare and distribute lunchboxes to people in need. She is hoping to apply knowledge learnt and be a role model to contribute to society.

    Liberty Hon

    Graduated from the University of Tunghai in Taiwan, majoring in Food Science. He currently works as a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan. Provides nutrition and dietary advice to the public with professional nutrition knowledge. Also, understand the nutritional needs of people of different ages and occupations, so as to help the public to identify their own nutritional needs. He also hopes to improve the common dietary fallacies of the public and help improve bad eating habits and lifestyles, so as to improve public health status and the quality of life of the public.

    Joe Yu

    Graduated from The University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food and Nutritional Science. As a nutritionist in Meiriki Japan, he utilizes  professional nutrition knowledge to promote the importance of healthy eating to the public, answering common nutrition and dietary fallacies, and helping the public to establish a good diet habit. Worked as a research assistant at the School of Nursing of The University of Hong Kong, assisting to promote the prevention project of high-risk pre-diabetes patients in the community, providing appropriate diet and exercise advice to high-risk pre-diabetes patients to reduce the prevalence of pre-diabetics in the community. He hopes to use what he has learned to give back to the community and enhance the quality of life of citizens.

    Tiffany Chan

    Graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Natural Sciences (Food and Nutritional Sciences). Tiffany is currently working as a nutritionist in Meiriki, Japan, she provides correct nutritional information to the public with professional knowledge, teaches them to establish healthy eating and living habits and helps them understand the importance of health. She worked as an intern at a confinement diet company, designing menus for postpartum pregnant women, calculating the content of meals based on the nutritional needs of mothers, and also providing relevant dietary advice to improve eating habits. She hopes to pass on the knowledge she has learned, and strive to promote the concept of nutrition and health to the public.

    Terry Wong

    Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, double-majoring in Food and Nutritional Sciences and Biological Sciences, with specialization in Nutrition and Public Health. As a nutritionist in Meiriki Japan, Terry aims to promote the importance of nutrition to the general public, and educate the public on correct nutrition knowledge. He hoped to increase the awareness of nutrition and health in the society. He has provided nutrition consultation to clients in private companies. Through understanding clients' living habits and body composition, he provided dietary advice to improve their health status. The ultimate goal was to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. In addition, he also explained the importance of the seven major nutrients to the public in health seminars. He hopes to utilize the knowledge and experience he gained to help people in need and contribute to society.

    Louis Lau

    Graduated from the University of Queensland, majoring in Sports and Nutrition Science. He currently works as a nutritionist at Meiriki Japan. He aims to use his nutrition and exercise knowledge to promote healthy lifestyle in communities. He has provided nutrition consultation and designed diet plan for people at health centre. Additionally, Louis cares for the community and has provided healthy cooking service for families in need. He is hoping to give back to society by helping people with his knowledge.

    Jasmine Yu

    Graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K., majoring in Nutrition. Jasmine is a nutritionist in Meiriki Japan, and she aims to raise the awareness of the public health issues by organising nutritional talks and providing cooking workshops to promote healthy eating patterns and health education. She completed a work placement in a private clinic to assess client’s living styles and their health. Her professions and nutritional knowledge have been established in nutritional consultations alongside with dietary recommendations in relation to prevent related health risks.


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