• “Social Capital Builder Award” by The Labour and Welfare Bureau (2017)
  • “Talent-Wise Employment Charter and Inclusive Organisations Recognition Scheme” by The Labour and Welfare Bureau (2017)
  • “The Most Favorite Brand of Parent” by Baby Kingdom (2017)
  • “ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme – Manpower Developer” by Employees Retraining Board (2016)
  • “The HK Outstanding Corporate Citizenship – Silver Award” by Hong Kong Productivity Council (2014)
  • “The Excellent Reputation Brand Award” by Metro Prosperity (2014)
  • “Quality Tourism Services Scheme” by Hong Kong Tourism Board (2013-2017)
  • “Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme – Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers / Awards for Innovation / Award for Breastfeeding Support” by Family Council (2013-2016)
  • “Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence – Bronze Award” by Environmental Campaign Committee (2013-2014)
  • “HSBC Living Business Awards – People Caring (Gold) & Community Engagement (Bronze)” by HSBC (2012)
  • One of best 40 SMEs to be recorded in “Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index” by Hong Kong Productivity Council & Hong Kong Poly University (2012-2014); Best 2 SMEs to be recorded in index (2017)
  • “Top Brand Hong Kong” by Hong Kong Brand Development Council (2012)
  • “Trusted Brand Gold Award” by Reader’s Digest for 6 consecutive years ( 2012-2017)
  • “The HK Outstanding Corporate Citizenship – Bronze Award” by Hong Kong Productivity Council (2011)
  • “The Most Favorite Bilberry Product of HK Family” by Hong Kong Economic Times (2010)
  • “The Most Popular Brand Award” by TVB Weekly for 9 consecutive years (2008-2016)
  • “Next Healthy Star Awards” by Next Magazine for 8 consecutive years (2007-2014)
  • “Caring Company” by Hong Kong Council of Social Service for 11 consecutive years (2006-2017)
  • “Superbrands Hong Kong” by Superbrands Organization (2005)
  • “Best seller of Eye, Brain and Joint Health Product” by Watsons for 17 consecutive years (2003-2017)


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