Weight Management

Provide individualised nutrition and health consultation according to the client's dietary habit, lifestyle and cause of weight-gain. No starvation, easy practice, all natural and stress free. 

Consultation service will be provided based on dietitian's professional judgment and client's personal needs, service may include:

Dietitian Assessment

  Assess your medical history and health status

  Assess your diet history and lifestyle

  Tanita body composition assessment

  Determine the cause of weight-gain

  Set healthy weight range target

Dietitian Consultation

  Design individualised meal plan

  Revise and adjust meal plan according to personal needs and preferences

  Solve individual nutrition issues

  Advise on cooking skills and healthy recipes

  Educate on reading food label

Educate on  food choices when eating out 

  Regular follow up consultation

Dietitian Behavioral Modification

  Advise on daily exercise

  Behavioral modification and reinforcement

  Educate on weight maintenance skill


Weight Management

Single charge:

● Initial Nutrition Assessment and Consultation (45 - 60 minutes): $780 

●  Follow-up Session (15 - 30 minutes): $450

(Initial assessment has to be re-done if the last visit is more than 6 months old, since the body conditions might have been changed)


 $18 00 (4 Sessions)

■ Initial Nutrition Assessment and Consultation (45 - 60 minutes)

■ Follow-up Session (3 Sessions) (15 - 30 minutes per session; package is required to be used within 2 months)


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