Green Cleansing Diet

Green Cleansing Diet

Chronic Use of laxative will cause the intestine to be reliable on the stimulant laxative, eventually the dosage must be increased to achieve the desired defecating effect. Therefore what you need is a natural supplement for your intestine. Green Cleansing Diet consists of natural fiber ingredients, helps to achieve intestinal health naturally, without any adverse side-effect to the body.

Price : HK$ 448.00

  • 1Box:$448.00
  • 2盒9折 :$806.00
  • 買5送1:$2240.00
  • 買12送3:$5376.00

The functions of Chlorella

  • To remove the free radical, heavy metals and toxins in blood
  • To enhance the self-repair of cells
  • To enhance metabolism of cells
  • To strengthen the immune system
  • To act as a source of vegetable protein
  • To improve the peristalsis and relieve constipation
  • To facilitate the growth of probiotics in intestine
  • To provide vitamins and other nutrients to the body
  • To provide iron and to facilitate the blood circulation and improve skin quality

All the production steps of Meiriki-Green Cleansing Diet, including the raw materials, the making process, and the packaging, are completed in Japan. It is also approved by the professional laboratory appointed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, this provides great confidence to quality and safety of the product.

Recommended Dosage:

  • As a food supplement, take 4 tablets 2 times per day.
  • For people who have difficulty in defecation, take 8 tablets 2 times per day.

** When bad breath, pimples, abdominal swelling and bowel habits have been improved, reduce the dosage by half.
** Drink plenty of water to achieve the best colon cleansing effect.
** For people with sensitive gut, take the tablets after meal.

Meiriki-Green Cleansing Diet is suitable for:

  • People have piles with abdominal bloating
  • Obese people with indigestion
  • People with bad breath, pimples
  • People have difficulty in defecation
  • People suffer from insomnia or headache

You can adjust the dosage according to your body condition.
Package: 300 mg × 240 tablets


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