Healthy Life for Women

Healthy Life for Women

Meiriki-Healthy life for women is a four-in-one multi-functional health supplement for women. The sugar-free soybean extract in it is the patent ingredient in Japan. It allows you to be younger, reduce the aging, reduce the loss of bone mass, and to strengthen the joints, fingernails and the hairs. Moreover, due to its neutral and mild nature, it is suitable for all women to consume and achieve a colorful life.

Price : HK$ 528.00

  • 1Box:$528.00
  • 2盒9折:$950.00
  • 買4送1:$2112.00
  • 買10送3:$5280.00
  • 買15送5:$7920.00

Sugar-free soybean extract

To increase the bone density

Mature women, especially those after menopause, they are easily losing calcium in the bone due to some physiological changes, this cause the bone density to be reduced. Scientific research had proven that the soybean extract can prohibit the loss of calcium and so enhance the strength of bone.

To improve the body shape

Soybean extract can help women to improve and maintain the body shape, due to its function of regulating the glandular cells in women. Apart from having no adverse side-effect, it will not cause weight gain as it is sugar-free.

To relieve the menstrual problem

Soybean extract can relieve the skin and edema problem of women before and after the menstruation, and help to maintain the emotional comfort.


  • Relieve the problem of menstruation and menopause;
  • Enhance calcium absorption, maintain bone and teeth healthy;
  • Boost immune system, slows down aging;
  • Strengthen the nail and hair

Recommended Dosage

  • As a food supplement, take 1 -2 tablets in the morning
  • During pre-menopause period, take 2 -3 tablets in the morning
  • During menopause period, take 3 -4 tablets in the morning


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