History and Milestone

History and Milestone

1997 – The brand was established, with Meiriki as its brand name.
1998 – The first generation of products, including Squalene 100, Kani Chitosan, and Platinum DHA 45 were introduced.
1999 – Bilberry Extract launched.
2002 – New brand logo updated.
2003 – Meiriki Bilberry Exact was awarded the Best Selling Eye Health Product in Watsons
2004 – Patrick Dunn, the famous master of ceremonies in Hong Kong, began the cooperation with Meiriki to endorse the Bilberry Exact product. The same year, talented kid star Jacky also became the celebrity of Meiriki.
2005 – Meiriki’s first brand counter launched in Watsons Taikoo Shing.
2007 – Full range formula upgrade, re-launch with great success in market.
2008 – Joint Easy launched after 3-year research. Also, Bilberry Extract Sales Exceed 1,000,000 bottles.
2011 – Awarded The Hong Kong Top Brand 2011 & Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award. New product Heart Support Factor launched.
2012 – The brand celebrated its 15th anniversary with the grand opening of a new health centre in Mong Kok.
2013 - For 2 consecutive years Meiriki received the Trusted Brand (Gold) Award from Reader's Digest, a branding investigation which has been considered as one of the most authoritative awards based on customer research.
2014 - New products HA Spirulina and Ca Easy were launched into the market.
2015 - Meiriki relocated the flagship store to Silvercord Tower.
2016 - Launched a new TV advertising campaign
2017 - The 20th anniversary of Meiriki.
2018 - Meiriki-Japan was awarded as the Outstanding Corporate Citizenship (Gold) by Hong Kong Productivity Council.
2019 - Ms. Ophelia Lin (Managing Director, Meiriki Japan) and a group of like-minded SMEs established the SME Sustainability Society. 
2020 - Meiriki won the Family Brand Award for 4 Consecutive Years. Meiriki won two gold awards in the "HSBC Living Business SDGs Awards".

2021 - Meiriki Concept Store moved into Hong Kong Times Square; Meiriki won the 2020 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence - Shops and Retailers Gold Award.
2022 - Ms. Ophelia Lin became the Vice-Chairperson of Friends of the Earth.


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