Volunteer Team

Meiriki Voluntary Team Introduction


Meiriki Voluntary Team has been established since 2006, formed by a group of staff, members, staff’s families, corporative partners and stakeholders with great enthusiastic passion in social services. Through cooperation with different non-governmental organizations, including The boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association, Christian Family Service Centre, Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association, Food Angel and other non-governmental organizations, the caring cultures are expected to be brought to every phases of society.

Every year, over 30 activities have been organized and people from 16 organizations have been benefited. The total service hours in 2016 was increased and exceeding 1700 hours.

In the coming year, Meiriki voluntary team is going to organize more voluntary works, benefiting more and more people, at the same time, energizing the society to participant in different voluntary works.

Meiriki Voluntary Team welcomes everyone to join us, making differences in our society. Please do not hesitate, contact us through our e-mail.



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