Green Cleansing Diet Pro

Green Cleansing Diet Pro

Green Cleansing Diet Pro contains partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) and chlorella which confer greater effectiveness on bowel movement. Aloe vera facilitates smooth transition of stool along the gut. The addition of fermented plant extracts from 90 kinds of natural plants and green tea extract increases metabolism and promotes detoxification. Green Cleansing Diet Pro improves conditions such as bad breath, bloating, overweight, and acne.

Price : HK$ 448.00

  • 1Box:$448.00
  • 10% OFF For 2 :$806.00
  • Buy 5 Free 1 :$2240.00

Stress from work and life, tobacco and alcohol use, overeating, lack of sleep, and environmental pollution will affect our metabolism. Toxins produced accumulate in the body, causing skin pigmentation, acne, fatigue, bad breath, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, muscle weakness and obesity.

Functions of “ Green Cleansing Diet Pro”:

-        Eliminate stubborn stool and toxins

-        Eliminate wastes accumulated in the body

-        Enhance beneficial bacteria activity and quantity

-        Restore the natural intestine peristalsis

-        Reduce facial acne and dullness problem

-        Improve bad breath

-        Improve chronic pharyngeal discomfort

Why choose Meiriki Japan Green Cleansing Diet Pro?

-        High in fiber and low in sugar

-        It is more suitable for dieters, the elderly, people concerned about blood sugar and healthy people, compared with other products, which are high in sugar.

-        Tablets are easier to be absorbed than other products in capsule form, and do not irritate the stomach.

-        Smaller tablets are more convenient to consume than powder forms, and are easier to swallow.

Green Cleansing Diet Pro is manufactured in Japan and its quality has been verified by J.F.R.L, Japan Food Research Laboratory and local authoritative organizations to meet the highest standard. It is considered safe and reliable with superior effectiveness.

Dosage suggestions:

As a dietary supplement: take 3 tablets twice a day before meal

For people with difficulty in defecation: take 6 tablets twice a day before meal

* When the problems have been improved, reduce dosage by half.

* For people with sensitive gut, consume after meal.

Caution: Pregnant women and people who are sensitive allergic to any of the above ingredients should not take this product.

Content: 300 mg x 180 capsules tablets

●    Partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG)

-        acts as a prebiotic to help increase the activity and quantity of probiotics in the gut flora

-        inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, creating a healthy intestinal environment

-        restores regular intestinal peristalsis and softens stools

●     Chlorella – a superfood known for its high nutritional value

-        provides additional nutrients, including protein, 18 types of amino acid, multiple vitamins and minerals for the body

-        binds to harmful heavy metals and toxins in the body for excretion

●     Aloe vera

-        effectively stimulates peristalsis and facilitates fast and smooth transition of stool along the intestinal tract

-        eliminates chronic constipation by stimulating bowel movement and softening stools

●    Green tea extract

-        contains catechins and antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and metabolic toxins resulting from metabolic waste overload

-        increases metabolism to burn excess fat, achieve detoxification and slimming effects

●    Fermented plant extracts

-        fermented from 90 kinds of natural wild herbs to produce a large amount of beneficial nutrients to the body

-        improves the intestinal environment and balances the gut flora to help digestion and peristalsis

●     Cellulose - a supplementary dietary fiber

-        supplements the dietary fiber required daily and increase the volume of stool

-        stimulates healthy bowel movement to promote defecation


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