Community Development

The urban physical and mental health impact is the biggest enthusiasm for Meiriki Japan to commit to corporate social responsibility. Meiriki Japan is committed to use its unique profession to contribute to the community through educating the public from a nutritional and health perspective. In addition to our dedication, we also hope that we can leverage our corporate strengths and build a platform that connects the community and stakeholders. We gather the resources and advantages of the community to bring more positive effects to the community.

Build a Healthy Community

In the past few years, Meiriki Japan has established numbers of key activities, and carry on nutritional information to the community in order to improve the public's knowledge of healthy eating and promote well-being.

命力營全城 Promote Community Nutrition Education

A creative competition named “命力營全城” has been launched since 2014. It is organized by Meiriki Japan and co-organized by the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. This is the pioneer creative competition in Hong Kong to co-organize with the university to promote community-based nutrition education. The purpose of the competition is to provide a platform for students to apply their knowledge and their creativity to design a different community health promotion program to enhance the public’s health awareness and promote community health culture. The theme is different every year, including “5 most common urban diseases in Hong Kong”, “Happy Aging Healthy Aging , “Stay Young” and Healthy Eating: Decluttering.

愛心曲奇營全城 Deliver Care to the Community

“愛心曲奇營全城” has been started since 2016 and is held in March every year. The purpose of this event is connecting the business community, social welfare institutions and higher education institutions to bring care and love to the community by making cookies together. The activity is generally divided into three parts: cookies making, event launching ceremony and food sharing. In the past few years, Meiriki Japan has worked with different institutions, including New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, Food Angel, and the Higher Diploma in Applied Nutritional Studies of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwai Chung).

Cherish food Hands-on preparing meals

Meiriki Japan has started cooperating with Food Angel since 2013. We arrange a volunteer team each month to help with food processing, meals preparation and meal distribution. In the future, we will keep on contribute with distributing food to those in need in the community.

Meiriki Summer College Create internship opportunity

Meiriki Japan believes that teenagers are the future pillars of our society. Therefore, we are keen on offering an internship to students. We provide numbers of internship opportunities to universities, secondary school and even primary school every summer.

Meiriki Nutrition College cultivate healthy eating from childhood

Meiriki Japan has started cooperating with The Boy’s & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong since 2006 to organize several activities for children. The summer program has begun in 2017, we organize a 2-month “Meiriki Nutrition College” program every summer. Let parents and children learn healthy eating and nutrition knowledge, topics are included how to choose breakfast, snacks and reading nutrition labels, in order to enhance their nutritional awareness, establish good eating habits and become well-being.


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