Foresight and Core Value

We strive for a community with physical and mental health

Through quality health products and corporate social responsibility to build up a community with physical and mental health


The concept of "integrating physical and mental health" runs through the corporate culture of Meiriki, insists on creating "quality, safe and effective" healthy foods, and provides a healthy source for the public; encourages care, organizes health talks, member activities, etc. to understand customer needs; actively participate in the community affairs, building volunteer teams and donating support charities to spread love to the community.

We have also created the first team of registered pharmacists and professional dieticians in Hong Kong. Under the dual professional concentration, we advocate the concept of "treatment without disease" to provide the most comprehensive and personalized nutrition information for the public.

Meiriki combines food nutrition, mental health and professional pharmacology to make the community healthy in the future.

Professional and Conscientious
Meiriki-Japan health advisors have the characteristics of professional and intimate. Meiriki-Japan aimed to provide professional and attentive care to both physical and mental health of each client, and hence a strong and professional health team is established. With the excellent interaction between the registered pharmacist and nutritionists, we provide a complete, individualized nutrition information and dietary advices to the you, and help you to attain a optimal health status and lifestyle.

The idea of ‘’Preventive Treatment’’ supported by pharmacology and nutriology
With the idea from both pharmacology and nutriology, we provide three different areas of caring service, including the lifestyle, nutrition, and pharmacology.

Joey Chan, Meiriki-Japan senior health advisor
「During the years, I experienced a lots with Meiriki and the customers. Now, I not only be the health advisor of the clients, but also their friends, and even be a household health advisor.」

BOBO_Bobo Hui, Meiriki-Japan senior nutritionist, graduated from Nutrition Department of The University of Sydney.
「Meiriki-Japan spend great effort to educate and nourish the nutritionists, so as to provide learning opportunities for those who interested in entering the health supplement industry.」

Joanne Cheung, Registered Pharmacist
「When developing a new product, it is required to consider the specific function of the product, the need of the publics, the raw materials, the ingredients of products, the making process, the effectiveness, etc, and aimed to improve the quality of products to perfect. Before selling in the market, each product will be tested for its effectiveness, quality and safety by the professional research centres and laboratories, this is to ensure the high quality, safety of the products.」

Chris Mok, Meiriki-Japan General Manager
「Many people spend even more time in work than with the families, so it is important to maintain a good working environment. In Meiriki, we encourage both the clients and our staffs to have a healthy lifestyle and concept. Meiriki provide opportunity for the staffs to develop, and convice the staffs with a positive, health ideology, so that the staffs can maintain both physically and mentally health. Meiriki encourage the staffs to spend more time with families, and we should trace a healthy lifestyle with a healthy mindset. We call it Meiriki Spirit.」


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