Foresight and Core Value

Our mission

Meiriki Japan focuses on what is needed by the people and is dedicated to improving public health. We uphold our traditions and position the company core values centered on professionalism and innovation. We produce premium quality products with the pursuit of high quality and innovation of natural health supplements and offer heartfelt service by the effort of our pharmacist and nutritionists who missioned to establish a “Body, Mind, Spirit” well-being community. We valued both business development and corporate social responsibility. The idea of “Sustainable development” is incorporated into every aspect of production management. We, together, guard the future of the nature and humans.

“ The best of nature and science. Empower life with good health. 

We make the world a blissful place.

- Meiriki Japan

Customers at the heart of our business
● Promote the concept of “Prevention before cure”
● Inherit the meticulous Japanese culture with the pursuit of excellence and exceeding customer expectations
● A team of registered pharmacist and professional nutritionists provides reliable and personalized consultation service
● Create a complete shopping experience comprising of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service
● Understand the customer needs and introduce more convenient sales channels and platforms with increased technological capability

Ethical production and the pursuit of excellence
● Products complied with international safety standards and exceeded local requirements
● Carefully selected raw materials and ingenious factory location
● Uphold the principle of sustainable development. All ingredients are harvested ethically from nature with preservation of the environment
● Adopt environmentally-friendly packaging and use renewable energy at manufacturing sites
● Develop novel products to meet the ever-changing and increasing demands of health supplements

Lead the change & contribute to society

● Take on the responsibility of caring the disadvantaged
● Support youth development and provide a platform for pursuing dreams and seeing the world
● Connect and cooperate with stakeholders in the society with complementary strengths to contribute to the society


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