Health promotion

is our responsibility

Starting from day one, Meiriki Japan has committed to promote public physical and mental health. Over the years, with the unique advantages of a corporation and a team full of enthusiasm, we have organized numbers of community development projects to contribute to the society without asking for return. The activities favor a wide range of people in need, including children, youngster and the elderly. The activities are mainly in three major areas, including “community development”, “environmental protection” and “staff caring” to fully implement corporate social responsibility.


We believe that the relationship between society, environment and people is inseparable.

Meiriki Japan cares about our customer and social health. 

Thus, we do all we can to build a good community both inside and outside the business, 

while contributing to the protection of the environment.

Ophelia Lin, Managing Director

Practice sustainable development management

Meiriki Japan has spared no effort in promoting sustainable development. The “Sustainability Committee” has been established since 2019. Internally, we promote policy to make innovation in business, and to commit to the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the community and the environment. Externally, we share experience with other organizations, and promote stakeholders and industry to work together to build a better community and environment.

Our goal

Everyone deserves a healthy body despite one is rich or poor. Our community development project is to bring healthy eating information to the grassroots and provide free medical examination services to the public. Through this project, we hope that the public can establish good eating habits, have a healthy body, and at the same time help reduce medical expenses and act to support the disadvantaged.

We care the citizen’s health needs. Through organizing talks and visiting the community, we can understand the health problems of Hong Kong and provide advice to the public. We hope that the community will pay more attention to themselves and those around them and build a community where everyone is healthy.

The economic growth of a corporate is attributed to employee's contribution. We hope our inclusive working culture and summer internship programmes can recruit talents. Meanwhile, we provide suitable training and various types of work for everyone with different abilities.

We adopt a sustainable consumption and production model in the hope of sustainable utilization of natural resources and provision of earth-loving products for our customers. We also promote the responsibility to our partners, and facilitate public education on sustainable living.

Climate change continues to affect the world. In order to combat the rise in temperature, we implement sustainable development management in our business, implement environmental protection policies, and connect customers, suppliers and society outside the business to practice carbon reduction and waste reduction.

In order to strengthen the global sustainable development partnership, Meiriki Japan cooperates with different stakeholders, government, business, social, academies supply chain, industry and green groups to bring a more positive impact on the economic, social and environment, and work together to create a better future.


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