Kani Chitosan

Kani Chitosan

Kani Chitosan – Super Diet contains natural chitosan which is extracted from the king crabs in Hokkaido and have strong oil-adsorbing properties. The ingredients can help to reduce the fat absorption by the body, so that you don’t need to restrict your diet during the slimming process. All of the ingredients are naturally-obtained, such that there is no adverse side-effect, such as dizzy, insomnia, etc.

Price : HK$ 528.00

  • 1Box:$528.00
  • 10% off for 2 :$950.00

Experiment showing the strong oil-adsorbing property of Chitosan


Recommended Dosage:

  • Take 1 or 2 capsules before or after each meal with a glass of water.
  • For Slimming: Take 1 capsule before or after breakfast; Take 2 capsules before or after lunch; Take 2 capsules before or after dinner.
  • To maintain the desired figure: Take 1 capsule before or after lunch; Take 2 capsules before or after dinner.

** The time needed for effects to take place varies according to the physical conditions of different individuals. In the most cases, the slimming is noticed after 3 – 5 weeks if the instruction is correctly followed.
** No rebound effect was recorded after taking the formula.
** Children under 12 and pregnant women should consult the physician before consumption.
** The dosage can be adjusted upon the portion of meal and the specific diet goals.


  • A natural fiber derived from the shell of Hokkaido crab, also known as the “fat magnet” that binds dietary fat effectively
  • Chitosan breaks down and forms gelatin with fat molecules in the stomach, in which the bound fat would not be digested by enzymes.
  • This complex would pass through the intestine and is defecated from the body. Due to the reduced calorie intake, the body begins to break down the fat tissue for energy that promotes efficient slimming.

Experimental demonstration of the fat binding power of Kani Chitosan-Super Diet

  • Some drops of oil are placed into a glassful of water
  • The content of 2 capsules of Kani Chitosan-Super Diet is added into the mixture
  • The container is capped and shaken
  • After 10 seconds, all the oil is bound and separated from the water that makes up two distinct layers

This is how Kani Chitosan- Super Diet has its proven fat absorbing power.

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