LeverRen assembles four natural ingredients which promote liver and gall bladder health. It enhances the detoxification process in the liver and prevents fat accumulating in the liver. It contains potent antioxidants including glutathione (GSH) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) which remove free radicals.

Price : HK$ 380.00

  • 1Box:$380.00
  • 10% off for 2 :$684.00

Authoritive Quality Assurances: Natural and safe

  • LeverRen is produced by pharmaceutical grade GMP factory, which ensure that the products are manufactured in accordance with EU and World Health Organization regulations.
  • The manufacturer in Sweden is awarded by Swedish National Food Administration that LeverRen is produced under high quality control.
  • Bureau Veritas Quality International authorizes that production of LeverRen is under ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • The Swedish Local Food Administration authorizes that LeverRen is produced from natural ingredients and suitable for human consumption.

Suitable for people who:

  • Have poor live function and a loss of appetite
  • Drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes frequently
  • Have dull skin complexion, yellowish eyes, freckles and hair loss
  • Are on long term medication
  • Work night shift or suffer from a lack of sleep

This product may help to cope with the following Long Covid symptoms

  • fatigue

Recommended Dosage:

To maintain the liver function:

  • Adult – one time per day, each time 1-2 tablets /
  • Children – one time per day, each time 1 tablet

Special need for liver: two times per day, each time 2 tablets
Relieve hangover: eat 2-3 tablets before and after you drink

Green Packaging Use Less, Waste Less

The paper and printing used in LeverRen packaging have passed many international certifications such as FSC forest management certification and environmental-friendly soy ink. Recieving the highest level of product practice certificate, “excellence level” issued by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department. We promises to take sustainable production as a consideration and is committed to reducing ecological damage to lowest.

<Using Soy Ink>

In order to reduce air pollution caused by volatilization and reduce the burden on the atmosphere, Meiriki Japan is destined to use soy ink for printing, which contains less than 30-40% volatile substances than ordinary ink.

<Strict forest management certification>

The FSC Forest Stewardship Council certification is the most stringent forest management certification system in the world, indicating that the material of this product is from a recognized "well-managed forest", indicating that the raw material source of the product is reliable, sustainable and regulated of.

<Biodegradable plastic materials>

The plastic materials used in the products are 100% biodegradable, which is different from the PVC materials used in the industry. It will not release toxic substances that pollute the environment and reduce the damage to the environment. Also the quality is lighter than PVC materials, so as to minimize the carbon emissions and pollution problems caused by transportation.



It has come to our notice that there have been recent reports alleging that a product of our company, namely

1 2 3

(“the Product”) is suspected of trademark infringement. Our company hereby declares that the Product and its origin is distinguished from products of other brands through its name; packaging; colour and design; as well as its ingredients. The LeverRen trademarks applied have also been registered with the Trade Marks Registry (under Trade Mark No. 302752650, 302593314, 302593323) and there is considerable and distinct good will in the Product owned by our company.  Our company denies that the Product has infringed any valid trademark and will strenuously defend against any such claim.

The Product1  2 3

is manufactured in and imported from Sweden. The country of origin of the Product can be ascertained through the prefix of the barcode. The Product has also been launched in Hong Kong for a number of years. The unique formula of the Product gives it an incomparable premium quality above other brands of ordinary liver supplements.

We hereby reserve our rights to take legal action against any false and inaccurate statement or malicious falsehood against our Company and its products.


Champ Group Limited

2nd December, 2016

Milk Thistle extract – contains 80% Silymarin

Silymarin is a natural powerful detoxifier. It has the potency to repair liver cells damaged by alcohol and toxic substances. It stimulates the protective system of the organ, strengthens liver cells and also stops certain toxin from entering.

Artichoke extract – contains 13-18% Chlorogenic acid

It has a function of an increased bile flow which prevents fatty acid accumulation in the liver. It also exhibits an aid to digestion, strengthening of the liver function and gall bladder function.

Pollen extract

Pollen extract – uses advanced Swedish technology to produce allergen-tested pollen extract of high quality. It contains super antioxidants such as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). These antioxidants effectively remove free radicals from the body which are the cause of poor liver health, irregular pigmentation, dark spots and dull skin complexion.

Yeast extract

Yeast extract – is rich in protein, minerals, polysaccharide, Cysteine, glutathione (GSH) and essential amino acids. It enhances metabolism of alcohol, thus reduces tiredness, nausea, dizziness after drinking.


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