Shopping Guide


1) Product Pricing

The online prices of all the Meiriki products are equal to the retail prices. We have included all the discount in the discount package, and the discount package online may be different from the retail shops.

2) Shipping Costs 

HK - Free delivery cost for any purchase of HK$500
Besides local areas in Hong Kong (excluding the islands in Hong Kong), all of the orders from different countries in the world via the official website of Meiriki-Japan will be transported using the Express Mail Service (EMS) of the Hongkong Post. For more information about the shipping costs and the delivery time, please refer to the information of EMS at http://www.speedpost.hk

3) Payment Methods

We accept a variety of payment methods including PayPal, WeChat Pay.
(If you pay by credit card, you are responsible for all orders made with your credit card and an additional 5% refund fee.)

4) Order Process and Inquiry

When the order via the official website of Meiriki-Japan is received and confirmed, the costumers will receive a confirmation letter with the registered email and informing you about the details and related information of the order. The order will be transfer to the Logistics department for the arrangement of product packaging and mailing according to the situation. After processing to the mailing, the costumers will receive email of the notification of mailing and the costumers can look for the logistics status with the logistics code provided.

You may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once the package reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you.

You are considered the importer and you should comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods. We will describe the goods as “Health Products”. Please note that some countries may have restrictions on the import and sale of some of our products to you. While we shall endeavour to assist you to fulfill the import or sale requirements imposed by local authorities, we are unable to accept any liability or be held responsible for any consequence or loss caused by or in connection with the import or sale requirements imposed by any local authority.

 Shopping Process

1. Product selection

Choose your desired products in the column of “Natural Products”, or use the search bar to find the specific products.

2. Order quantity

In the page of selected products, view the details, choose the order quantity and add to the Shopping Cart.

3A. Shopping Cart List

The page will automatically jump to the Shopping Cart List. You can modify the order quantity or remove the items in this page. If you want to buy more items, click the “Natural Products” button. When you’ve finished adding items to your Shopping Cart, click the “Checkout” button.

3B. Online Coupon

After you shopping at Meiriki-Japan official website, the points you got will accumulated in your registered account. You can use the ”Coupon Redeem” to obtain coupon*. If you wish to use the coupons, you can enter your coupon codes in the Coupon Code box on the “Shopping Cart” page and click the “Apply Coupon” button.

*Please note the validity date of the offer. The $50 coupon can be used immediately on the first purchase or on the next purchase (valid within one month). The $200 cash coupon must be used on the next online purchase ( Valid for three months). Please pay attention to the relevant details when redeeming. Expired coupons are invalid.

** The coupon must be used along with any transaction of products, it cannot be used on its own. The free product redeemed from the coupon will also be charged for the transportation fee.

If you have any problems with the online shopping, please contact us at (852)2713 6061 or via email at enquiry@meiriki-jp.com.hk.

4. Order form

If you are the Meiriki online member, please log in by entering your account name and password first. If you are not a member, just fill out the Billing Information and Shipping Information below directly. All the required fields are followed by a red asterisk. After completing the information, click the “Place Order” button.

*Please make sure the recipient and delivery address are correctly filled in. Occasionally orders are returned to us as incorrect address, PO Box and hotel address, failed delivery attempts, refuse to pay tax/ refuse to provide ID documents/ unable to make import declarations or parcel refused by recipient. When an undeliverable package returned to us, customer may choose the below solution:
(1) Reship the orders
We will re-ship the orders out. However, we will charge all the return and reship fees related would be undertaken by the customer.
(2) To cancel the returned orders
Then we will issue a refund by deducting the original shipping fee, handling fee and 5% of the value of products as restocking fee.

5. Payment

Choose your Payment Method and fill in the relevant information. After verification, click the “Submit” button.


New to Meiriki? Create an online member account after finishing your first purchase, and fully enjoy the Meiriki online shopping experience. To become an online member, check the “create an account” box after filling in the Billing Information, and fill in the account name, email address and password. After verification, click the “Submit” button and become a member immediately.

2) Member Benefits

Meiriki online members can enjoy the point accumulation system benefit. In addition, members can choose to let the website remember the personal information and payment methods, result in a more convenient online shopping next time.



What are the payment methods available?

We accept a variety of payment methods including PayPal, VISA, Master, UnionPay, Discover, American Express.


Why has my payment failed?

First, make sure whether you have clicked the “Place Order” button;

Check your Internet connection, an unstable network may result in the failure of payment;

If you paid by using credit card, this could be either of the following reasons:

a. Your credit card hasn’t been activated. Especially a new one;

b. Entered incorrect information including card number, name on card, Expiry Date and Card Verification Number;

c. Made a purchase that exceeds your credit card limit or there were not enough funds in your account;

d. Your credit card expiry date has passed.

e. The deduction of the credit card exceeded the single authorization limit of the issuing bank.

If you paid by using UnionPay, please make sure your bank card access to the online payment functions.

If you still cannot pay successfully, please contact us at (852)27136061 or via email at enquiry@meiriki-jp.com.hk.


How do I know if my payment succeeded or not?

If the payment is successful, an order information email with all the details included will be sent to your mail box, please note to check.


Why couldn’t I receive any order information emails?

This could be due to either of the following reasons:

a. Your email address is not correct;

b. The order information emails were regarded as SPAM. Please check the Junk Box in your email.

If you still cannot receive any order information mails, please contact us at (852)27136061 or via email at enquiry@meiriki-jp.com.hk.


How to edit my orders?

Meiriki usually dispatch the orders within 1 to 2 business days. If you want to edit your orders, please contact us at (852)27136061 as soon as possible, specifying your Order Number and contact details.



Choose your Payment Method and fill in the relevant information. After verification, click the “Submit” button.


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