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Heart Support Factor

Heart Support Factor

Heart Support Factor consists of 4 main ingredients, which can dissolve the sticky substances in blood vessels, maintain elasticity of blood vessels and blood circulation, this enhance the health of cardiovascular system. With the effect of combination of different natural ingredients, heart strength, blood circulation, fatty acid level can be improved.

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The effect of red rice yeast and Nattokinase

According to a research in Asia, the consumption of combination of red rice yeast and Nattokinase can greatly reduce the total fatty acid by 25% and bad fatty acid by 41% in the body, whose effect is stronger and more safe than using either one of them solely.

Awards in many years

  • Wastons 2011 Health and Beauty Awards — The Best New Product
  • Wastons 2012 Health and Beauty Awards — Silver Award
  • Wastons 2013-2017 Health and Beauty Awards — Diamond Award

Recommended dosage:

  • For general health supplement: Take two softgels daily after meal
  • For susceptible individual: Take two softgels twice daily after meals
  • Professional Advice: Do not take a week before and after surgery. Blood-thinning medicine (Warfarin) user should not take this product.

Heart Support Factor suitable for people who:

  • concern for heart health*
  • are overweight, or with improper dietary patterns
  • have high arterial pressure, or unideal fatty acid profile (e.g. high bad fatty acid)
  • are always stressed, or with unhealthy lifestyle, e.g. smoking, excessive alcohol use, physically inactive, or lack of rest
  • get fatigue easily

Package: 300 mg × 60 capsules

Warning: Do not consume this product if you are consuming blood-thinning drugs or one week before or after surgical operation.

*This product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

Red rice yeast

  • Chinese people have consumed red rice yeast for thousands of years. Red rice yeast is produced from the fermentation process of steamed rice with yeast. It contains Monacolin-K which is acting as a bad fatty acid synthesis inhibitor. It suppresses the rate determining step of bad fatty acid synthesis by monitoring the activity of HMG-CoA reductase (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase) and inhibit mevalonic acid synthesis that eventually slow down fatty acid production, especially bad fatty acid.
  • Red rice yeast can also produce superoxide dismutase (SOD), ribonuclease, α-galactosidase, pectinase enzyme, which is a very potent antioxidant.


Natto is a product of soyabean fermented by Bacillus Subtilis natto. Nattokinase is a special enzyme found in Natto can dissolve fatty and sticky substances in blood vessels. This improves the rate of metabolism, enhances the blood circulation, and excels a mild and sustainable blood-thinning property.

Co enzyme-Q10 (Co-Q10)

  • Co-Q10 is an auxiliary enzyme. Many biochemical and physiological reactions of enzymes rely on the work of Co-Q10. The principle physiological action of Co-Q10 is to catalyse the phosphorylation of ATP in mitochondria, enhancing the energy supply system of our body cells. The cardio muscle continuously exercise to beat for about 100,000 times a day that requires an enormous amount of energy.
  • There is a lower concentration of Co-Q10 in peoples with heart problems comparing to healthy individuals. (Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 2008)
  • Co-Q10 is a lipid-soluble substance, which is transported between the cells by lipoprotein carriers such as LDL and HDL. Due to the potent antioxidant activity, Co-Q10 could prevent the lipoproteins from being oxidized and turned to harmful substances.

Deep Sea Fish Oil

The fish oil in Heart Support Factor extracted from Japan deep-sea Tuna. In 2003, American Heart Association stated that the dietary intake of Omega 3 (DHA and EPA) can effectively help prevent cardiovascular problems and maintain a normal serum fatty acid profile. Omega-3 fatty acid (DHA and EPA) gives positive effects on individuals with cardiovascular problems. Deep Sea Fish Oil supplementation can improve cardiovascular health by lowering triacylglycerol level and bad fatty acids.

Bad Fatty Acid Reduction and Fat Balance2,4,8

  • Heart Support Factor consist 3 ingredients, red rice yeast, nattokinase and fish oil, for reduction of bad fatty acid and fat balance.
  • The bad fatty acid levels in human body are mainly influenced by the internal synthesis in the liver, which makes up about ¾ of the total bad fatty acid. Only a quarter of bad fatty acid obtained from the dietary intake. Red Rice Yeast suppresses fatty acid synthesis in liver and especially bad fatty acid. A research study conducted by American anthropologists has shown the effect of red rice yeast on fatty acid from 83 participants. The result concluded that a continuous consumption of red rice yeast for 8 weeks could reduce the total bad fatty acid over 18%.
  • The researchers from East Asia demonstrated that the combined formula of nattokinase with red yeasts rice would have a synergistic effect. Patients administrated with the combined formula for 6 months were found to have significant decreases in total fatty acid by 25%, bad fatty acid by 41%, and increases in good fatty acid by 7.5%. This combined formula is much more reliable and effective than using nattokinase alone.
  • The fish oil is rich in Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids including DHA and EPA, which are essential for human body. They help promote a healthy ratio of fatty acids, reducing total fatty acid and bad fatty acid. Deep sea fish oil is a heart protector, which prevent bad fatty acid from accumulation and maintain a normal blood circulation.

Heart Strength Improvement1,6

Co-enzyme Q10 (Co-Q10) is found in mitochondrion. It partakes in the activities of various enzymes in human cells for energy supply. The heart is exercising continuously to supply enough oxygen and nutrients to the entire body. Hence, sufficient Co-Q10 is crucial to fulfil the energy requirement of our heart. Co-Q10 and red rice yeast are also the excellent source of antioxidant, which give the heart and cardiac vessels an all-round protection.

Reduced Pressure and Improve Vessels Health3,5,7

Japanese medical professors demonstrated that Nattokinase could dissolve the fatty acid by 50% and reduce the pressure by 10%. This effect could last for 8 hours.


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Today, heart diseases have become the 3rd leading cause of death in Hong Kong. Due to the short resting time and stressful lifestyle, people tend to live with unhealthy dietary patterns, consuming massive instant food or snacks. A large amount of food additives are often added in the processed food for a better appearance or flavour enhancing, however, these foods are often high in fat, salt or sugar. The build-up fatty materials may narrow the blood vessels and eventually lead to cardiac problems.

Nattokinase possesses a very high fibrinolytic activity. Clinical studies have concluded that an intake 2000 FU (Fibrinolytic Units) of diet a day can effectively help prevent cardiovascular problems.

Statin is a widely prescribed medication for bad fatty acid lowering, it is a HMG-CoA reductase which inhibits the production of the key enzyme for bad fatty acid synthesis. Researchers have found that statin would lower the level of Co-Q10 and increase the incidence of statin related side effects. As a result, cardiac specialists in Europe recommend patients to take Co-Q10 if they are prescribed with statin to reduce the side effect induced by statin.

Some food sources contain Co-Q10, such as animal organs, sardine, meat products, or nuts.

Causes of Co-Q10 deficiency:

  • Imbalanced diets with inadequate intake of Co-Q10, vitamin B5, and minerals
  • Impaired Co-Q10 synthesis or aging
  • Extra demand for Co-Q10 (e.g. Statin user)
  • Side effective of medicines (e.g. statin)