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Bilberry Extract

Bilberry Extract

Bilberry Extract made of Bilberry, which consists over 15 kinds of 36% VMA, natural DHA and Lutein which can filter the blue lights, so it acts as the health supplements for eyes and brain and also prevent the damage of harmful light. This product is sold for more than 10 years and awarded the best selling eye supplement for consecutive years.

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Lack of sugars and do not lead to obesity

Sugars in Bilberry Extract are removed, such that it is suitable for all kinds of people to consume.

The best selling eye supplement

Bilberry Extract was awarded as Wastons Health and Beauty Awards — The Best Selling Brain Health Product for many consecutive years from 2006. This shows the high quality and sales of our products, such that the Bilberry Extract becomes the best selling eye supplement.

Recommended dosage:

  • For children under 12: take 1 capsule per day
  • For adults: take 2 – 3 capsules per day

Content: 300mg X 60 capsules

Bilberry Extract

  • It used high quality bilberry in the Northern Europe. It contains 15 different active types of Vaccinium Myrtillus Anthocyanins (VMA). It has the high concentration VMA 36%. The anti-oxidative capability of VMA is higher than Vitamin E and 10 times more than other blueberries. Meiriki – Bilberry Extract is a strong and powerful eye supplement.


  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is extracted from eye socket fat layer of tuna fish. It is a basic element in retina and provides benefit on eyesight. It can strengthen signal transmissions between eyes and optical nerve. Moreover, lutein absorption can be increased by the presence of some oil.
  • Meiriki- Bilberry Extract uses advanced technology to mix natural fish oil of the high concentration of 70% DHA with bilberry. DHA is extracted from the eye socket of tuna fish. It is an essential nutrient for retina and brain. DHA also speeds up signal transmission from retina to the brain.


  • Lutein can be found in our retina’s macula. Macula is a small area that is responsible for the central vision. Meiriki- Bilberry Extract contains lutein which can filter out potentially phototoxic blue light and near-ultraviolet radiation from the macula (eye yellow spot). Lutein is also a powerful anti-oxidant. It reduces harmful effect of free radicals on the pigment and protects our eyesight.

Visual improvement1

  • Rhodopsin is a light sensitive pigment in the retina that is responsible for both the formation of the photoreceptor cell and the first events in the perception of light. VMA has a high anti-oxidative effect. It increases rhodopsin formation, which helps our eyes to adjust the light changes and improve sharpness of our vision.
  • Bilberries contain VMA that promotes rhodopsin recomposition, speed up visual cycle, and improve eyesight and eye functions day and night. Meiriki – Bilberry Extract contain high concentration of VMA (36%) and it provides nutrients for making of visual pigments. Meiriki – Bilberry Extract relieves eye tiredness, bringing a refreshing feeling to the tired and sore eyes in 4 hours.

Relief of eye dryness

  • Meiriki – Bilberry Extract contains high concentration of VMA. It balances our tear secretion and relieves eye dryness. It also prevents loss of rhodopsin and increase the sensitivity of our retina. Bilberry Extract is a powerful supplements for the elderly and contact lens user.

Remove dark circle and relieve eye tiredness

  • Dark circle is due to poor blood circulation in our eyes. Meiriki – Bilberry Extract strengthens eye capillaries flexibility and promotes blood circulation. It removes dark circle and eye bags. It also inhibits capillary permeability, removes excess water and reduces pressure in the vein. Children who consume VMA for 8 weeks relieve eye tiredness, reduce eye discomfort and blurred vision.

Filter out harmful blue light2, 3

  • Meiriki – Bilberry Extract contains lutein which can filter out potentially phototoxic blue light and near-ultraviolet radiation from the macula (eye yellow spot). Lutein is also a powerful anti-oxidant. It reduces the effect of harmful free radicals on the macular pigment and protects our eyesight.

Maintain the retina and visual health4, 5

  • DHA is an essential element the brain and retina. 40% polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in brain and 60% PUFA in retina is DHA. DHA can strengthen brain function and enhance messages transmission.


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Types of blueberry:

  • Rabbit eye blueberry (v.ashei)
    The pericarp of this kind of blueberry is red and thus looks a bit like a rabbit’s eye. It is grown in warm areas.
  • Highbush blueberry (v. anstrale)
    This type is relatively tall among major varieties of blueberry. It is widely grown in cold areas.
  • Low bush blueberry (v. myrtillus) – Bilberry
    This type is relatively short and often called “wild blueberry”/ ”bilberry”. It has a bright violet color and contains ten times more VMA than the cultivated blueberry. It has been recognized by medical fields in Europe that Blueberry can greatly improve visual function and strengthen eyesight.
  • Bilberry’s physiological function were first noted in reports from the English air force during World War II, who found that after eating bilberry, they could see the enemy’s airplanes very well during night assaults – even in dim light.

Bilberry Extract is suitable for:

  • People who reads and handles large amounts of database
  • People who have eye fatigue, blurred vision, eye dryness, dark circle and eye bag
  • Children under development, sitting examination and homework pressure
  • People who spend long hours in front of computers, TV and TV games
  • People concern with the increment of their visual degrees or health of eye yellow spot
  • People whose work requires good eyesight
  • Contact lens users and pre-and post- Lasik & eye surgery