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Reuteri Probiotics D Drops

Reuteri Probiotics D Drops

Breast milk contains natural probiotic and hence develops a gastrointestinal protection for babies which cannot be found in infant formula. The most important stage of infants’ development starts from conception and lasts 1000 days till two years old. The gastrointestinal system should be kept healthy for nutrients absorption and healthy growth. Let’s your baby intakes Reuteri Probiotics D Drops starts from today so as to improve his gastrointestinal health, facilitate digestion, as well as absorption. By adding vitamin D3 in the product, it promotes the growth of bone and teeth of your baby and well prepare for healthy growth.


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New formula with more functions

  • Relieves infantile colic and wind problem
  • improves digestion and bowel movement
  • Reduces antibiotics associated side effects
  • Relieves symptoms of lactose intolerance
  • Soothes sensitive skin
  • Promotes bone and teeth growth

Reuteri Probiotics D Drops

  • Safe and reliable with support of more than 100 clinical studies
  • Choices of many paediatricians
  • Patented formula to improve human immunity, application no. HK1125840, 12112385.4, HK110508, 12107505.9
  • Direct use or apply drops to drink for convenient use
  • Colourless and tasteless, the texture and taste of the food and drinks would not be affected
  • 100% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin D3 for infants
  • Refrigeration is not required (stored at 25℃), easy to carry

Recommended Dosage:

For gut health: 5 drops per day (One dose consists of 100 million live Reuteri Probiotics)

(Suitable for people at any age, including 0-2 years old infants)

Please shake well before use.

Apply the drops on a spoon or to food and drink

5ml per pack

Reuteri Probiotics

Reuteri Probiotics was proven by a number of clinical tests. It made from alive Reuteri Probiotics which has acquired global patent. More than 100 clinical studies proved it promotes gut health, improves immune system and suppresses allergy as well. Therefore, it enhances our health effectively.

Reuteri Probiotics Drop is a patented formula to improve human immunity. Reuteri conforms to the requirement of WHO and it is a truly human probiotic that:

  1. Reuteri is an activated micro-organism.
  2. Research has proved that Reuteri is beneficial for human health

Reuteri can produce antiseptic- Reuerin that inhibit the growth of a number of common bad micro-organisms in the gastrointestinal tract.. Research showed Reuteri Probiotics can survive with common antibiotics, gastric juice and bile in gastrointestinal tract.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient for bone growth of child. This “ sunshine vitamin “ facilitates intestinal absorption of calcium and hence promotes bone growth and development of children. The average calcium consumption of children around two to five years old in Hong Kong is lower than recommended daily intake by 30%-40%. Insufficient calcium consumption may cause rickets in children with symptoms of weak and soft bones, stunted growth, and, in severe cases, skeletal deformities.

According to Chinese DRIs, the calcium RDI for children and baby under 3 years old is 400 International Units. 5 drops of Reuteri D Drops contains equal amount of vitamin D which can meet the RDI of our children.

Reuteri Drops cures intestinal colic in seven days

An Italian pediatric expert has previously conducted a prospective study to evaluate the effect of Reuteri Drop on the crying time of babies who had Infantile Colic. The research showed that their crying time has been significantly reduced for 74% in seven days. Both the parents and babies will be less tense. According to another clinical study, after consumption of Reuteri for 21 consecutive days, it reduces cry and scream symptoms caused by Infantile Colic for 90% of targeted baby.

Reuteri Drops is better than traditional colic medicine Simethicone 1,2 to improve colic problem

Another study has revealed that, continuously taking Reuteri Drop for 28 days, 95% of the babies have their infantile colic problem improved, while Simethicone could only improve for 7%. Compared with traditional colic medicine Simethicone, Reuteri Drop is more reliable and effective in treating Infantile Colic

Infantile Colic may cause childhood emotional problems and children allergies.

According to a 10 years cohort study following 103 infants, infants or baby with chronic intestinal colic will have a higher chance to suffer from intestinal discomfort, skin allergies and emotional instability. Reuteri improves intestinal colic, hence, can reduce the chance for suffering from allergies and emotional instability.

50% of baby’s diarrhea problems solved after consumption of Reuteri for two consecutive days

According to a clinical study done in Turkish hospital, application of Reuteri Drops can relieve diarrhea in infants and baby. 50% of the 127 targeted infants and baby no longer suffer from diarrhea after consumption of Reuteri Drops for two consecutive days. This greatly, reduce the hospitalization days for infants or baby suffering from acute diarrhea.

University clinical study verify that Reuteri drops can effectively relieve baby constipation symptoms

The pediatric unit at Italian university evaluated 44 infants with chronic constipation. Reuteri Drop significantly increased 91% of the frequency of defecation to more than three times after only 2 weeks supplementation. As Reuteri Drop can improve the peristalsis, therefore facilitate the bowel movements and helps to relieve the baby’s constipation symptoms.

How much probiotics does our baby need?

This depends on various factors such as age, gut microflora and the species of the probiotics. There is no standard answer. According to several clinical studies, approximately 1-2 hundred million reuteri is enough for relieving intestinal disease such as intestinal colic, intestinal function disorder and nausea. There are a myriad of probiotics products available in the market. However, most of them come from animals or plants source. These probiotics may not survive well in human intestine which greatly affect the effectiveness of these products. A large amount of these probiotics are necessary in other to be effective. Unlike the others, probiotics in Reuteri drops extract directly from human intestine which are already adapted to the habitat of human intestine. Therefore, a smaller amount of Reuteri is enough to promote a similar effect compare to other probiotics products.

Can daily consumption of yogurt and yogurt drink help us to obtain enough probiotics?

Yogurt drinks contain lactic acid bacteria. However, due to changes of the environment along the production line, the amount and viability of these bacteria in the final products may greatly reduce compared to the original one. This affect the effectiveness of the yogurt drinks. Moreover, most yogurt drinks in the market contain a large amount of sugar. Consumption of these drinkS may also increase consumption of added sugar which is not good for our health. Therefore, drinking yogurt drink is not the most effective way for consumption of probiotics.

Criteria of choosing the best Probiotics supplement

  • Supported by many clinical researches, active probiotics gives the best effects
  • Choose the product without any sugar
  • With label showing the type and number of probiotics it contains
  • With label showing the expired date and storage method
  • Produced by recognized GMP pharmaceutical firms

RDI of Vitamin D









0 month~

400 IU 400 IU

1 yr old~

200 IU 200 IU

3 months~

400 IU 400 IU

4 yrs old~

200 IU 200 IU

6 months~

400 IU 400 IU

7 yrs old~

200 IU 200 IU

9 months~

400 IU 400 IU

10 yrs old~

200 IU 200 IU