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CaEasy Adult & Pregnancy Formula

Ca Easy Adult & Pregnancy Formula

The unique and comprehensive formulation contains natural algae calcium and magnesium with 72 kinds of natural minerals. With the help of vitamin D3, the adsorption can thus be enhanced. “Ca Easy” helps you to improve bone health and physical performance. Patented ferrochel® iron and natural prebiotics are included in the brand-new product, effective in preventing iron deficiency and improving gastrointestinal health.

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Natural algae calcium  

Calcium content in “Ca Easy” is extracted from red algae. The natural source of calcium enhances absorption of calcium and strengthens bone and teeth health. It can also enhance bone density as well as support fetus’s bone development.

Effective Ingredients

Calcium and magnesium (from natural algae), ferrous glycine, zinc gluconate, prebiotics (inulin), vitamin D3 (from lanolin)

Main Functions 


Adults and elderly

Pregnant women

Help better growth

Supply sufficient calcium

Supply sufficient calcium

Increase bone density

Maintain bone health

Enhance fetus’s bone development

Supply sufficient calcium

Soothe back discomfort

Promote blood circulation

Enhance teeth health

Promote physical performance

Enhance calcium content

Improve immunity

Prevent jerkiness of legs

Enhance immunity

Enhance teeth health

Prevent jerkiness of legs

Promote blood circulation

Enhance teeth health
Enhance immunity

Ca Easy Adult & Pregnancy Formula

  • Provide 100% daily calcium requirement per serving
  • Includes 4 essential nutrients of bone, which are Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D3

  • Maximizing calcium absorption, bioavailability doubled in comparison with conventional synthetic zinc supplement

  • Comprehensive formulation with 72 kinds of natural minerals

  • Contains Ferrochel® iron with 91% absorption rate

  • Includes prebiotics  that do not lead to occasional constipation

  • Smaller size, easier to ingest


Dosage suggestions

Adults, women planning for pregnancy: 2-4 tablets per day

Teenagers, elderly, pregnant women, lactating women: 2-3 tablets each time, 2 times per day

Please store in a cool dry place

Content per tablet: 1125mg x 120 tablets   

Authoritive Quality Assurances: Na​tu​ral and safe

  • “Ca Easy Adult & Pregnancy Formula” is produced by pharmaceutical grade GMP factory, which ensure that the products are manufactured in accordance with EU and World Health Organization regulations
  • Meet the highest food safety standard, include ISO 22000 and HACCP
  • The manufacturer in Sweden is awarded by Swedish National Food Administration that “Ca Easy Adult & Pregnancy Formula” is produced under high quality control
  • Product manufactured and packed in Sweden, the first three digits must be “730-739”product16



Natural algae calcium and magnesium

The calcium in “Ca Easy Adult & Pregnancy Formula” is extracted from red algae in non-polluted regions in Northern Atlantic Sea. It contains 72 marine minerals from red algae preserved by advanced technology including calcium, magnesium and trace minerals that we need. Red algae have a unique natural structure contributing to its high solubility, the calcium content is released gradually after digestion, and therefore the absorption and bioavailability is high*1.It can be digested and absorbed easily without leading to discomforts such as gases and occasional constipation*2.  It can dissolve greatly in water.

Ca Easy Calcium Carbonate Calcium Citrate Liquid Calcium
Source Natural red algae Oyster shell, limestone, synthetic Synthetic Unknown
Absorption High Low Low Depends
Trace Minerals Calcium, magnesium, several trace minerals Impurities from oyster shells or stones Calcium only Depends
Side Effects No Gases, occasional constipation Slight constipation Depends

Active Zinc:

“Ca Easy Adult & Pregnancy Formula” provides an essential element for the immune system – zinc. It regulates immune cells and maintains immunity system directly

It contains high quality organic zinc gluconate.

Compared to conventional synthetic zinc supplement, it can be absorbed and utilized easier, causing less stimulation to the digestive system*3

Patented Ferrochel® iron

Women, pregnant women and elderly are susceptible to the lack of iron in the body, affecting oxygen transport so they suffer from fatigue and look pale.

“Ca Easy Adult & Pregnancy Formula” adopts patented Ferrochel® iron, the iron bound to glycine is very small and has a high absorption rate of 91%*4. It can be digested and absorbed easily without leading to discomforts such as gases and occasional constipation.

Vitamin D3

“Ca Easy Adult & Pregnancy Formula” contains natural vitamin D3 from lanolin. Sufficient vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption and bioavailability*5. It helps strengthen bones and balance calcium concentration in the body.

Natural prebiotics

Inulin is a common water-soluble fibre that can effectively trigger the growth of probiotics (Lactobacillus reuteri) in the intestinal tract so as to improve its function.

It helps lower the pH in intestines and increase calcium absorption*6.

The prebiotics suppress the growth of bacteria, enhance peristalsis and improve digestive system.

Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for Calcium (Adult)

Age RDA (mg)
11-13 1200
14-17 1000
18-49 800
50-64 1000
65-79 1000
>80 1000
First trimester 800
Second trimester 1000
Third trimester 1000

*DRI (2013), Chinese Nutrition Society


Bone is the major reserve of calcium in body. Growth of the bone will become slower after 30 years old. Therefore, we should ensure adequate calcium intake when we are young to avoid osteoporosis in later years.

Bio-availability of natural algae calcium doubled in comparison with conventional synthetic zinc supplement.



Bone synthesis rate of natural algae calcium double


*O’Gorman et al., (2012) Phyto. Res. 26(3):375-80


Contains Ferrochel® iron with 91% bioavailability*4

Absorption Rate

  • Patented Ferrochel® iron, the iron bound to glycine is very small and has a high absorption rate of 91%
  • Patented Ferrochel® iron can be digested directly and absorbed easily in intestine without disturbance of gastric juice
  • Owing to its high stability, particles would not be affected by oxalic acid. Also, absorption of calcium and zinc would not be affected

Side Effects

  • Other Iron may cause gastrointestinal problems, for example, occasional constipation and acute stomachache, nausea may also appear in some serious cases.
  • Patented Ferrochel® iron is highly stable and safe, It would not cause gastrointestinal problems or occasional constipation.


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1. High Risk Factor

Elderly Smoker/Alcohol Long-term consumption of caffeinated beverages
Women Long-term insufficient calcium intake Excessive intake of sodium(salt)
Underweight/Small frame Lack of exercise


2. Is natural Calcium better than synthetic or liquid Calcium?

Natural Calcium not only contains this kind of mineral, but also contains many kinds of micronutrients. Its natural ratio and structure of natural Calcium highly enhance the absorption rate, the digestion rate is higher than those traditional Calcium tablet (e.g. liquid Calcium) by 100%*5. The extra added micronutrients in synthetic Calcium supplements can never be equal to the natural ratio and cannot reach the effect and absorption rate.


3. What is the ideal dose of calcium intake each time?

The most ideal dose of calcium intake each time is equal or below 500mg, one-time over-intake of calcium is not conducive to adsorption, and it may cause constipation. Therefore, It is advised that calcium tablet with 200mg should be chosen each time, but with higher frequency, the effectiveness would be enhanced in this case.


4. I’ve been consuming pregnant milk powder, is it necessary to intake extra calcium?

A lot of pregnant women would consume pregnant milk powder, consider that all the essential nutrients are included and it is not necessary to replenish calcium. However, from the second trimester of pregnancy, tooth of fetus begin to calcify, the need of calcium would be increased sharply. Solely rely on milk powder may not be enough to supply calcium needed, and may cause competition of calcium between mother and fetus.