Believing prevention is better than cure, Meiriki-Japan strives to provide a comprehensive service for physical and mental health, by building the first professional team consisting of a registered pharmacist & nutritionists in Hong Kong.

● Free pharmacist & nutritionist hotline
● Resident body check & consultation in Watsons
● Personal health and diet record
● Regular follow-up of customer health situation
● Health information update
● Free Nutrition Lecture

Pharmacists and nutritionists hotline: (852) 27136061

Bobo Hui

Graduated from the University of Sydney with Nutrition major. She is a talented speaker of health talks regarding heart, joints and gastrointestinal diseases. She truthfully comprehends all new health knowledge. She is currently devoted in training and educating the frontline staffs and salespersons, as to provide our valuable customers with the most excellent services. Experienced in nutritional consulting and body checking, she can definitely offer our customers with the most superior and personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Chloe So

Chloe So graduated from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, majoring in Food Science and Nutrition. She experienced at Nutrition department in private hospital, and work as a professional Nutritionist at Meiriki in present. She is adept at multiple nutritional consultations in order to meet your needs. As she well understands the importance of healthy diet, who promote healthy eating from various channel, such as various seminar and healthy checkup. She also edit on different newspaper and being interview from the multimedia.

Anna Kei

Graduated from Deakin University in Melbourne, major in food science and nutrition. Also, she is holding an Australia registration of Enrolled Nurse (Division 2). She worked as a nurse in different Melbourne health care facilities. After graduation, she participated in food supplement retail industry and work as a nutritionist in Concord Company.

Ray Fong

Ray Studied Food and Nutritional Science in the University of Hong Kong. He participated in the organization of health-related exhibitions and seminars in the university with the aim to increase students’ awareness on nutrition and health problems and promote healthy eating and life style. He believes that health of the customers should always come first. After understanding the customers’ needs, he is able to provide counselling and suggestions based on the rich knowledge and profession on nutrition. Ultimately restore the customers to health and vitality.

Real Wong

Real Wong graduated from Northumbria University at Newcastle, majoring in Food Science and Nutrition. He assisted The Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management LTD. to develop the Common Food Specification Database for Hong Kong SMEs on seeds, beans and nuts. After graduation, he engaged in health food industry and was working herbal tea stores to promote “Preventive Treatment of Disease” concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine to citizens. And now Real Wong work as professional nutritionist in Meiriki and provide the suitable consultation on diet and body checking, with personal eating habiting suggestion.

Kelly Chan

Kelly Chan graduated from THE BRITISH HOLISTIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, majoring in human nutrition diet programs. During the studying, Kelly has involved in medical, nutritional diet and health consultation events. After graduation, Kelly worked as nutrition consultant and health therapists for a health center, specializing in professional and comprehensive nutritional dietary advices and treatments. During the course, Kelly learned extensive knowledge in providing nutrition information and healthy tips to customers. Now, Kelly is working as a professional nutritionist at Meiriki Japan, her duties including nutrition consultation and health assessment, and she aimed to raise public awareness on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having a balanced diet.

Phoebe Wan

Graduated from the University of Ulster, major in food and nutrition. Also, she participated in the organization of health-related activities in the university. During the internship, she assisted in organizing events, participated nutrition promotion activities and experienced in providing nutritional consultation for public. Phoebe is now working as a nutritionist in Meiriki Japan and provides nutritional counseling service with care.

Ally He

Alley Studied Food& Nutritional Science and Technology in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She used to work as intern in Foreign Owned food factory and assisted in organizing campus events aim to provide nutrition knowledge to public. She is now working as a Nutritionist in Meiriki Janpan, provides professional nutritional counselling service and personal advice.

Joyce Wan

Joyce Wan graduated from The University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food & Nutritional Science. After graduation, she worked in health care center and provided nutritional dietary advices. She continued her work in school lunch supplier by developing the school menus for primary and secondary schools. She delivered nutrition workshops and health seminars for teachers, parents and students. Joyce is now working as a Nutritionist in Meiriki, provides nutritional counseling, body check service. She is passionate about helping people to achieve optimal health and promotes healthy and low-carbon diet.

Joanne Cheung
- University of Wales, College of Cardiff, Great Britain
- Member of Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
- UK & HK registered pharmacist
- Edit on different newspaper and being interview from the multimedia